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At Greboun International, our vision is straightforward – to be the leading international trade solutions specialist.

This vision motivates us to constantly focus on improving our services and create new and innovative ways of streamlining the processes of international trade. Everyone at Greboun International believes that continually striving to be the best is our duty, obligation and responsibility.

Our head office is based in the United Kingdom and we have a network of reliable in-county agents throughout the world.

We specialize in providing Import and Export, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.



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We can be your great business partner and help you grow strongly.

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Cross border trade is essential to all businesses in every industry sector. This is why Greboun International manages a diverse portfolio of clients across the globe. Our bespoke international trading solutions are extremely beneficial and add immeasurable value to organisations in all markets.


We are not restricted by any border or geographical location. Greboun International operates across every continent throughout the world. We have built a robust global infrastructure of reliable suppliers and a worldwide logistical network across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas.


Greboun International is committed to operating responsibly and ethically across the markets we serve. We actively pursue long term relationships with suppliers and customers based on responsible and transparent business practices.

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